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M. L. "Matt" Buchman

Beyond Prince Charming

Beyond Prince Charming

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One Guy's Guide to Writing Men in Romance. 

Why are men so often clichés on the romantic page? They don’t need to be. Not even when real-life men appear to be clichés of themselves. These techniques can create male characters who pop off the page in any genre for their realism and depth.

Come join the male author of over a hundred short stories, fifty romance novels, and twenty thrillers (including numerous Top 10 Romance of the Year accolades from B&N, NPR, and various industry reviewers) as he explores: common tropes (and why they’re wrong even when they’re so right), guy-speak, emotions, physicality, journeys, and much more.

Also we’ll tackle the Kinda-Myths: grunting, silent, brooding, uncommunicative, punching walls, rampant sex drive (while in a gunfight), arrogance, lack of emotion, conversations all about them…

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