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2024 Kickstarter: Feb 13 - Feb 27

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What is Thrill Ride?

A picture's worth a thousand words? How about 10s of thousands of riveting new fiction? Yep!


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A quarterly themed magazine dedicated to finding the best in action-adventure and thriller short fiction. For the launch year (2023), thirty authors claiming five nationalities have written over forty-five new stories just for you. Year One (our launch year of 2023) includes authors with only a few sales (but great potential) to bestsellers on the lists at: Amazon, The New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Click on the cover to purchase / pre-order / learn more. (Amazon, Print, and Google Play links should all be active at least 1 month prior to release.)

How to Subscribe to Thrill Ride?

At this time, there is a once/year subscription drive. Each year, in the first two weeks of February, we'll run a subscription Kickstarter for the next year (which has lots of great Kickstarter Exclusive bonuses, like getting your issue 2 weeks early!). Then on each equinox and solstice (because I used to run a planetarium and I'm a techno-geek), each issue will be released wide at Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google Play, Kobo, and more. Where do I find the Kickstarter? Right HERE. We are looking into other alternatives to support mid-year subscriptions.

Who Is In It?

USA Today Bestsellers (including your humble editor). New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon Bestsellers. Derringer Award winners abound. Ex-military, former diplomats, a Jeopardy champion, and many simply great storytellers.

How Do I Submit a Story?

Visit our submissions page HERE.

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