Collection: Second in Series

Wild thrills, another adventure, lush romance, and more awesome characters

  • Thunderbolt - Miranda continues her unique style of surviving all the danger flying her way.
  • I Own the Dawn - A new woman in the flight crew, one out to prove she's tougher than any man. Until a war orphan cuts a slice in her frozen heart.
  • Full Blaze - These airborne wildland firefighters take on their most dangerous fire yet, along with a mission that raises the stakes sky high.
  • Heart Strike - Delta Force's team geek is ready for anything, except for the woman warrior who walks through the door.
  • Where Dreams Reside - A past frozen in Alaska and her heart. And an Italian chef who brings the heat.
  • Saviors 101: the first book of the reluctant Messiah - The Software That Runs the Universe is pissed. The Devil planned for a new Messiah to save the day, but no one remembered to warn the poor human before the world spun on a very shaky axis.
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