People, Places & Planes: Night Stalkers Reload

Returning Characters
Command Personnel
Colonel Emily Beale Night Stalkers commander
Lt. Col. Mark Henderson (ret.)
Michael Gibson former commander of Delta Force
Claudia Casperson Michael's wife and Little Bird pilot
General Cassius McDermott New commander of USASOAC
4* General Edward Arnson Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Archie Stevenson Secretary of Defense
Lt. Col. Trisha O'Malley Night Stalkers assistant commander
Night Stalkers
Rafe "R2" Grant Blackhawk pilot
Julian "3PO" Rickenbauer Blackhawk pilot
Lola Maloney DAP Hawk pilot
Delta Force
Billy Bruce Delta Force liaison, embedded in Night Stalkers
Carla Anderson operator
Kyle Reeves operator
Chad Hawkins operator
Tanya Zimmer operator
Richie Goldman operator
Melissa Moore operator
Guard the East Flank


Captain Sharelle Vargas DAP Hawk pilot
Captain Troy Ryland DAP Hawk copilot
Jalissa Wright DAP Hawk crew chief
Hans Olsen DAP Hawk crew chief
Michella Perrault Black Hawk pilot
Henderson's Ranch
Chelsea Daniels Horse manager
Julie Larson Best rider and construction
Mac Henderson Ranch owner
Ama Mac's wife
Jodi Jaffe Dog trainer
Stan Corman Dog Trainer
Nathan Gallagher Ranch Chef


Book Club Questions

1. Both Emily Beale and Troy Ryland face a common crisis of family versus career; in their cases one so extreme they can't even occur in the same part of the country. How have you balanced these in your life and what led you to making the decisions that you did? In retrospect, if you're old enough to have retrospect, what do you think of the choices you made?
2. The US is pulling back from being the world's policeman. In the past, we might well have long since put boots on the ground in Ukraine, Israel, and other places. What do you think of this contraction? Better security for us? Or giving rise to a dangerously chaotic world?
3. Have you ever had a calling like our Night Stalkers pilots? Something that you felt driven and perhaps particularly qualified to do? How did that/is that shaping your life and the lives of those around you? If you don't have one, which one do you wish you'd had? Is there a way to pursue that?
4. The military has very strict rules about relationships and not overlapping chains of command. Do you think this policy is good because it prevents an officer from being forced to make hard decisions in dangerous situations? Or should it be dropped so that families are not shredded by different duties often spread far apart?
5. If you could wave a magic wand and make one small change in the world, what would it be and why?

Planes and Other Aircraft

Ka-52 Alligator Ka-27 Helix