Meet our 2024 authors: Kim May

Meet our 2024 authors: Kim May

SHORT BIO: Kim May writes everything from thrillers to fantasy because she collects genres like a cat lady collects strays. She is also a co-host on the Ladyracha podcast on YouTube. You can find her on TikTok:

REAL-LIFE THRILLER MOMENT: The bookstore I used manage was next door to a large thrift store. One afternoon several people ran into the store and started shouting, “Lock the door! There’s a shooter!” We immediately went into lock down.

Once they calmed down, caught there breath a bit, they told us that they were shopping at the thrift store when someone fired a gun in the store. They didn’t see the shooter but weren’t about to stick around to find out. Since they were at the back of the store and the shooter was at the front, they slipped into the stock room, broke open a locked door, and ran to our store.

After that it was a lot of waiting while every police officer in two counties cordoned off a quarter mile perimeter. The officers took their order to not leak information on an ongoing investigation very seriously. It was about half an hour before we could find out if it was safe for anyone to leave and that they weren’t going to be opening up the area any time soon. We found out on the news that night that an officer chased a suspect into the store and fired on them, killing the suspect instantly, but no one else was injured.

WHO I ADMIRE: My maternal grandmother was an unstoppable force. No situation was impossible, no problem unsolvable. One way or another, often through unconventional means, she would find a way to accomplish her goals. I try to keep that in mind, not just when I’m crafting my stories, but in real life as well.

FAVORITE MEDIA MOMENT: I just finished watching My Demon. It’s a Korean romantic thriller about an heiress who makes a deal with a demon to be her bodyguard because someone in the family murdered their mother to take over the family’s company and now they’re after her sizable share of the inheritance. Trouble is, she doesn’t know which relative is responsible. At one point, the person tasked with killing her is desperate to succeed so they drive their car into a store she’s in, causing a small explosion. The demon sees all of this but they’ve lost their powers and have to decide whether to risk their life by rushing into the burning store to see if she’s still alive and save her, or to walk away.

WHAT I’M WORKING ON: To find Kim’s works or to follow her on social media go to:

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