Meet our 2024 authors: Jason A. Adams

Meet our 2024 authors: Jason A. Adams

SHORT BIO: Jason A. Adams writes all across the genre spectrum. Son of an Air Force fighter pilot, Jason grew up without a home town, and now lives on an Appalachian mountaintop with his wife, Kari Kilgore (also featured in Thrill Ride), as well as various critters, both domestic and otherwise.

REAL-LIFE THRILLER MOMENT: When I was in college, I worked at a gas station in one of the more…interesting parts of town. One evening, a car swerved into the parking lot, tires smoking, and nearly knocked down one of the pumps. Immediately behind it came three police cars, which screeched to a halt. Six cops jumped out, guns drawn and pointing. The driver of the other car also got out, blood running down his face, his own gun held high and dangling from his finger in the trigger guard. Cue the flying takedown, pile o’ police, handcuffs, and all the rest.

Once the fellow was on his way in the back of one of the cars, two of the cops came in to buy soda and candy bars like nothing at all had happened.

WHO I ADMIRE: This will sound corny, but my dad. He was a career fighter pilot. Flew three tours in Vietnam. Got scads of decorations. After he retired, he managed the repair shop at a local car dealership.

Here’s what’s heroic, though. He always told me the people on the other side were fighting for their country and what they believe in, just like we do, so don’t ever treat them like they’re not fellow humans. Take care of those you’re responsible for as best you can, even if that gets you in trouble with your superiors (he got in hot water more than once for taking an enlisted person’s side against some officer or other). As often as you can, help someone else out.

For a guy who grew up poor in the Appalachians, son of a coal miner/moonshiner who taught with his fists, who then spent 22 years taking and giving orders, sometimes in hard times, the helping is what he chose to pass along.

Pretty freakin’ heroic, if you ask me. That comes out in many of my characters, especially in my found-family stories.

FAVORITE MEDIA MOMENT: Man, tough question! I’d have to say Our Flag Means Death, the HBO pirate series. It’s mostly a romantic comedy, but talk about a killer found family story. And, as a pirate story, the romantic element lends itself well to thrilling moments. Probably the best is a time when Blackbeard rejoins the ship rather than making his escape from the attacking British. Action, romance, feel-good stuff in the middle of brutal fighting. Classic.

WHAT I’M WORKING ON: I have short stories pending in several magazines and anthologies. To get the latest news on what’s available where, and to find my story collections, head over to and take a look around! As a special treat for Thrill Ride readers, use the code ThrillRide25 and get 25% off all ebook purchases!

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