Meet our 2024 Authors: E. Chris Ambrose

Meet our 2024 Authors: E. Chris Ambrose

Appearing in all 4 issues of Thrill Ride 2024! (Support the Kickstarter Jan 29 - Feb 13, 2024

SHORT BIO: Adventure guide E. Chris Ambrose writes knowledge-inspired adventure fiction, like the Bone Guard archaeological thrillers and the Rogue Adventure novels. In service to her work, Chris learned to hunt with a falcon, pull traction on a broken limb, and clear a room of possible assailants.

REAL-LIFE THRILLER MOMENT: While travelling in Nepal, I was stalked by a tiger, an experience that taught me so much about building suspense! Also, as a teenager, I was targeted by a kidnapping attempt—though I didn't realize until the moment had passed exactly what was happening. Still kicking myself for not immediately insisting we go to the police.

WHO I ADMIRE: One genesis of my protagonist, Grant Casey, is a college friend of mine who was inspired by 9/11 to join the army. I don't know all the experiences he had there, but he was an academic, intelligent guy who stepped up when he felt he was needed, and he came home changed. I write the Bone Guard in part to honor him, and everyone like him.

FAVORITE MEDIA MOMENT: Douglas Pratt's most recent Chase Gordon novel, Gulf Dreams, features an extraordinary scene where the protagonist dives a sinking airplane. Absolutely blew me away! If you're not reading the Chase Gordon tropical thrillers, go get them—you won't be disappointed!

WHAT I’M WORKING ON: Nigel Rowe, introduced in the first season of Thrill Ride in "The Manky Head," now has his own series! The first Rogue Adventures novel, The Blighted Mission, launched on Christmas, with The Flaming Wreck and The Blasted Mine already queued up for launch! These books have a lot of humor and a British twist, alongside the adventure and history my readers love. Here's the series page on Amazon:
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Very impressive..adventure guide and writer! So glad to be in the publication with you but I’m more so, eager to read your stories and learn.
Cheers, Wil

Wil A Emerson

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