Meet our 2024 authors: BV Lawson

Meet our 2024 authors: BV Lawson

SHORT BIO: BV Lawson has authored 20 novels under various pen names, as well as 80+ published stories and a few poems. Before becoming a full-time writer, some of the career hats BV tried on include maid, super-speedy typist, opera singer, radio announcer, being in TV commercials (for all of one day), research assistant, television features writer, and working for the Discovery Channel. she also enjoys flying in a putt-putt plane with her pilot-hubster. 

REAL-LIFE THRILLER MOMENT: As a teenager, a friend and I took a long hike into some very rural, very remote woods in the mountains of North Carolina. We attracted the attention of a snarling wolf that was not happy to have us infringe on its territory. Visions of having rescuers find our mauled bodies—months later—fortunately didn't come to pass, although my friend did suffer a bite.

WHO I ADMIRE: The man I most admire is a modern-day Renaissance man who overcame humble beginnings to study music, history, drama, literature, physics, engineering, scuba diving, aviation, and astronomy. Even if he weren't my better half, I'd still be in awe of his intellect, wide-ranging skills, and, most importantly, his rare compassion. He also was born with a rare form of synesthesia, which inspired the protagonist of my crime novels.

FAVORITE MEDIA MOMENT: I'm a documentary geek, so I was thrilled to see that James Burke had created another "Connections" mini-series. (The original "Connections" from 1978 is a true classic.) This particular series focuses more on current and future technologies like AI and genetic engineering that will change our lives like nothing before—but whether that ushers in a utopia or the end of human civilization remains to be seen.

WHAT I’M WORKING ON: The eighth installment in the Scott Drayco crime fiction series is due out next month, with more to come later this year. For updates on BV's writing:

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