Meet our 2024 authors: Wil A. Emerson

Meet our 2024 authors: Wil A. Emerson

SHORT BIO: Wil A. Emerson is a registered nurse turned full- time writer.

REAL-LIFE THRILLER MOMENT: Drama, crisis and compassion in the medical field led to real life thrilling situations. A helicopter landing in very stormy weather with the transplant staff who delivered an organ to our transplant team. A better, healthier life for the recipient. Thrilling. A man in a bank, holding a gun at the guard's head, money on his mind. Shocking. Online banking works well.

WHO I ADMIRE: (One is impossible) 1. Ben Carson, raised in a tough environment, had a strong mother, conquered discrimination, became a well-respected neurosurgeon...had a vision for helping societal ills. 2. Condolezza Rice, scholar, States person, defender of the constitution, athlete, talented pianist. 3. Public service people: the real ones, Fire, Police, EMS, Military, Medical personel. 

FAVORITE MEDIA MOMENT: many good stories in book, movie form. But...the Tom Cruise scene in Top Gun Maverick...I would never, ever want to be in a plane flying at that magnitude. The scene made me sick to my stomach. However, I did fly in a commercial plane landing in Hong Kong, literally flew between high, high sky rises....Almost like flying low down Fifth Avenue in New York but more awesome.

WHAT I’M WORKING ON: Writing is an ongoing endeavor. It, in itself, is a thrill. And to participate in an anthology will awesome writers is a goose bump experience.

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